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Webinar Logo December 4th, 2014

Dealing with the Death of Our Cherished Animal Companions

Grieving pet owners often hear, "Don't feel bad, it was only a..." followed by dog, cat, horse, bird, or whatever their pet's species.

That kind of comment is made by well-meaning family or friends in an attempt to soothe us.

Instead, it may make us feel as if they don't understand and as if they are judging us in our grief.

Dealing with the heartbreaking death of a pet is hard enough on its own, without having to fend off comments that only make us feel worse.

Your Pet Probably Never Said You Were Fat, Ugly, or Stupid

That is a chapter sub-heading from our new book, The Grief Recovery Handbook For Pet Loss.

Although it may sound silly, we think most pet owners will know what it means.

It captures the essence of our unconditional loving relationship with our pets.

Please watch this important webinar. It will:

  • Help you become aware of any grief-related myths that may be keeping you stuck in your grief.
  • Guide you to look at the pet losses that have affected your life, and see if they are still limiting you.
  • Encourage you to take actions to complete what is left emotionally unfinished for you.

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